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"I first joined Date Isle of Man Singles 4 months earlier when Sarah commented on my photo and I responded with a message that evening. We started chatting and it turned out we both used the local coffee shop for lunch, I canít believe we never bumped into each other before! We arranged to have lunch on Friday afternoon and Sarah met me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I already knew she was special. We than couldn't be separated and met each other every day in our hours lunch, sometimes an hour and ten minutes as I never wanted to go back to work. I knew from that first hug and kiss on the cheek that I wasn't going to let Sarah out of my life again, we got engaged in the summer and are now looking at wedding venues! I will be ever thankful to Date Isle of Man Singles and would advise everyone that joins the site to make the most of it and don't just look around, chat and message people and you may be as lucky as I have been."

Paul Ė Isle of Man